Author: tom

  • Werka

    My friend Werka is a singer, pianist and guitar player. She has beautiful, mesmerizing vocal. Listen to her songs on YouTube:

  • Soul Forty5

    Sublime Backing Track | PAWN SHOP | Key E Minor #reggae #sublime by Soul Forty5


    PETEANO is a German artist and music producer. He is mainly active in the fields of EDM, Bigroom and progressive house.

  • Playlists with my friends music

    Here go my friends playlists on Spotify. Have a listen!

  • Mixolydian Mode

    Mixolydian Mode

    The mixolydian mode is one of the most popular and versatile modes in music. It is constructed by lowering the seventh scale degree of the major scale. For example, the mixolydian mode of C major is C D E F G A bB C If you want to construct mixolydian fron any major scale, just…

  • Modes: Music’s Quirky Cousins

    Modes: Music’s Quirky Cousins

    In the grand orchestra of musical theory, modes stand out as the slightly eccentric cousins, the quirky characters that add a dash of flavor and personality to the harmonic tapestry. Unlike their more regimented major and minor counterparts, modes embrace a refreshing dose of individuality, each with its own distinct vibe and emotional resonance. Major…

  • Debbie Dee

    Hi, I’m Debbie Dee Singer/Songwriter  I have always been involved with Music in one way or another, throughout my life. September 2021 I thought I’d have a go at writing my own music, ‘The Forest ‘ being my debut song, and here I am three songs later. There’s no stopping me now. If you have…

  • Kalamarico

    Electronic music composer/artist. I enjoy making music since… I don’t remember exactly, since I was a child and I spent hours playing with FasTracker (uff almost 30 years ago? Am I so old? XD) and similar software of course.I do my best to grow day by day and improving my sound.” “Currently, I’m working for…