Category: my friends

  • Werka

    My friend Werka is a singer, pianist and guitar player. She has beautiful, mesmerizing vocal. Listen to her songs on YouTube:

  • Soul Forty5

    Sublime Backing Track | PAWN SHOP | Key E Minor #reggae #sublime by Soul Forty5


    PETEANO is a German artist and music producer. He is mainly active in the fields of EDM, Bigroom and progressive house.

  • Playlists with my friends music

    Here go my friends playlists on Spotify. Have a listen!

  • Debbie Dee

    Hi, I’m Debbie Dee Singer/Songwriter  I have always been involved with Music in one way or another, throughout my life. September 2021 I thought I’d have a go at writing my own music, ‘The Forest ‘ being my debut song, and here I am three songs later. There’s no stopping me now. If you have…

  • Kalamarico

    Electronic music composer/artist. I enjoy making music since… I don’t remember exactly, since I was a child and I spent hours playing with FasTracker (uff almost 30 years ago? Am I so old? XD) and similar software of course.I do my best to grow day by day and improving my sound.” “Currently, I’m working for…